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  1. OOP in C, & program design advice wanted. (aimed to run on linux)

    Experience: A little random arduino/hello-world stuff, but this is my first real program and has evolved as ive learned more (started not knowing C at all) and worked more. Im more of a hardware...
  2. update

    I know, I'm just using Arduino IDE for now, and the libraries used (for hardware specific code) is written in C++. Other than Arduino-Hardware specific code, I want the code to remain purely C, so...
  3. What is the correct way to link multiple .c and .h files? (I'm doing it wrong)

    I'm a bit new to C/C++. I'm working on my first real project, and it's the first time I've used multiple files. I'm currently stuck with it saying I have multiple definitions of a big long list of...
  4. Can you use a variable in the name of a variable?

    In this code I'm working on

    function(int n) {

    block[3].whole = cashless1.displayData[1];
  5. Can someone verify I am using Bitfields, Structures, and Unions together correctly?

    Main questions on the very bottom if not up for reading everything.

    So a few years ago I tackled my first programming project, googling literally everything as I'm writing the code, learning to...
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