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    C Programming in UNIX

    I have the code which uses two pipes , and it passes the info to child process which converts the input string to uppercase , which is returned to parent and parent displays the new string

  2. Trying to make a signal handler to ignore signals

    i wrote a code to handle when CTRL C presses and to ignore CTRL Z signal
    i am trying to run a donothing.c file from within my code but it does not run
    donothing.c literally is just an infinite...
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    C Programming in UNIX

    Write a C program to execute multiple Unix commands in parallel. The number of Unix commands is not fixed. There is no communication among the Unix commands. The Unix commands are given as command...
  4. Smallsh program to change shell. need help understanding the code and tracing it

    i have attached all files, if someone can help me understand the code

    #include "smallsh.h"

    char *prompt = "Command> ";

    int userin(char *p);
    void procline(void);
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