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  1. Reverse a string (without using any string functions?)

    Hi :)

    Slowly learning C and currently making a program that takes a string (sentence) and does these following steps:

    1)Print total of characters
    2)Print total of e's
    3)Reverse the words...
  2. Thread: Lottery game

    by geetard

    Lottery game

    Hey, I need to make a 'balls in a rolling cage' lottery game; it plays like this (from teacher's exemple):

    -Program shows 2 numbers from 0 to 21 (let's call them number1a and number2a)
    -Then, the...
  3. Beginner needs help (calculator for serial/parallel electric circuits)

    I started working on C++ last week and the teacher asked us to write a program that will calculate the total resistance of an electric circuit (both in serial and parallel).

    Both serial and...
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