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    New Employee Learning A Company's Code


    I was wondering whether the community has some helpful tips and strategies for new employees to a company to learn how the company's application works, when the applicaion is very...
  2. Thanks, I think I was also looking at c# code but...

    Thanks, I think I was also looking at c# code but didn't realize it. I assumed it was C ++
  3. Access Specifier before a class definition?

    What does having an access specifier before a class definition mean?

    In this case, public:

    public ref class ThreadX {

    // Class definition
  4. Command line args c strings vs c++ strings

    Thanks this explained alot!!

    As a followup question:

    An example of how I run my program is
    ./Game -p John h

    Where -p signifies the input of a user defined player name John (the John...
  5. Modifying Private Members of a base class


    I am having trouble modifying a private member of a base class when using inheritance. Can please shed light on why this doesn't work and explain a workaround if one is needed.

  6. Overloading the >> operator problem splitting the input


    I am trying to overload the input operator in the following manner:

    I have a playing card class that that contains two private members: rank stores the value of a card, suit stores the suit...
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    Converting to values in an Enum Type


    I am trying to define a card class for a card game and am having trouble connecting the values provided to the constructor to some predefined enum types.

    If I defined two enum types to...
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