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  1. thanks

    Hello, I followed your advice and I got a lot closer to the expected output, but i'm still off by 4, and I can't not understand why or where is my math incorrect.

    thanks again, I will keep doing...
  2. Wrong final value after adding functions. C language

    I need help fixing this code written on C please.
    The expected total revenue is: TOTALREVENUE is $3894.00
    The total revenue I'm getting is: TOTALREVENUE is $4086.00

    I can't find were the...
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    I have fixed the problem by deleting the brackets...

    I have fixed the problem by deleting the brackets before if and moving
    twoHundredFiftyScholarship = remainingScholarship/250.0; to a different location.
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    variable is saving the wrong value

    Hello, I'm in my first class about C and I need some help with this problem please.

    The code is not getting the expected value in variable twoHundredFiftyScholarship.
    When using the debugger I...
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