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  1. Question for PC Gamers: How much have you spent on certain games? ...

    Hi guys

    This is a request for any PC gamers out there to help out with some of our game development research by answering the poll questions on the link below.

    The questions are: How much have...
  2. 2D Game project requires extra C++ programmers, new or experienced

    Introduction: Spacecraft is a RPG where the player plays the role of a space crew captain of a chosen faction. Based on the goal of the space military, the...
  3. 2D RPG Online Game Project. 30% Complete. To be released and marketed.

    Team name:
    Electronic Team Games (ET Games)
    Affiliated to Thunder-Power LTD Software Development

    Project name:

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    PC Game project requires c++ programmers

    We are currently seeking to bring new members to our team of game developers; where we are at the stage of putting together the main pieces of our game.

    This is a project where we all work in our...
  5. 2D Spaceship shooter online - Need 2 keen programmers

    Hi, I am seeking members (preferably European) to start a new game project. The concept may seem simple, but it is quite big since it involves interaction via an online server. There is currently no...
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