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    perror adding Success to end of error text

    Not really sure what is going on here. The error message I have prints out and the program quits but it seems "Success" is being added to the end of my error message

    void error(const char*...
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    Replacing part of a string?

    I am trying to replace part of a string with a number. I am looking for "$$" within the string and I would like to change that to a number within the string. For instance, if the input was:...
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    checking if input was received

    I am trying to check if a user entered a string. If something was entered I would like to tokenize it using strtok(). However, if nothing was entered I want to just re-prompt the user. So far I have...
  4. Getting the last word from a string using strtok?

    I'm trying to get the last word from each line in a file using strtok(). I know how to step through each line in the file but I am having trouble getting the last word of the line.

    The line looks...
  5. Made the changes you mentioned and it works now....

    Made the changes you mentioned and it works now. The pointer thing is what was tripping me up. Thank you very much!
  6. Return a pointer to a struct that is in an array of structs?

    I have a struct:

    struct room
    char name[32];
    char type[32];
    int numConnections;

    I have an array of these structs:
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