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  1. EDIT: Turns out there were a few problems: (1) I...

    EDIT: Turns out there were a few problems: (1) I had set totalTiles to 1, cuz I got my parameters (total tiles not speed) backwards. And (2) The struct had an array of SDL_Rect POINTERS, which was...
  2. Funny, I was gonna ask about C debuggers in a new thread later! :D

    I'm currently using the CodeBlocks IDE (on Windows 10 x64) and whenever I go to Debug > Start Debugging, it asks me to select a debugger. So I guess it doesn't come with one, which kinda stinks, but...
  3. SDL question / maybe to do with array subscripting

    Hey guys, happy Friday!

    I'm working on an animation function using SDL, and I'm experiencing a bizarre problem I don't understand. Here are the details:

    typedef struct {
    int index;
  4. Hey, thanks for the great info! Could I bug you...

    Hey, thanks for the great info! Could I bug you for some examples?
    * About the string thing, I've used fixed-sized arrays as buffers, but never messed with realloc (and actually never heard of it)....
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    Just found a working example here: ...

    Just found a working example here:

    It's not exactly what I was trying to do, but I could use it to implement keyboard...
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    Sure. If you type "nano /path/to/some/file.ext"...

    Sure. If you type "nano /path/to/some/file.ext" you can use the arrow keys to move the cursor around, and press CTRL + X to exit. Both of these are examples of what I'm trying to do. I know how to...
  7. Trying to up my game: slightly more advanced questions

    Hey, what's up :)

    So I've been writing less in C++ lately, and more in C; this is for a number of reasons, but the more I do it, the more I realize there's a lot I don't know (yet, lol). When I...
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    Setting up hotkeys in console apps

    Hey everyone, new guy here;

    I've been hooked on Linux lately, and I have a project I'd like to build, but it would require creating hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts. Looking at programs like nano or...
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