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    matsp, the strings are always 4 characters long...

    matsp, the strings are always 4 characters long but sometimes they may contain numbers although I dont think this would matter in the example you showed me before. thanks.

    vart, could you possibly...
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    splitting strings...

    this has been puzzling me for some time now, i've heard that it can be done with strtok() but i cant get my head around it....

    basically i want to split a 4 character string i.e. 'ABCD' in half,...
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    Sticky: Not sure if this has been posted, but TCP/IP...

    Not sure if this has been posted, but TCP/IP Sockets in C by Michael Donahoo and Kenneth Calvert is a brilliant book for sockets programming. Good even if you don't have much previous programming...
  4. not sure how to handle variables...


    I'm writing some code that involves moving letters around a grid that is printed out into the command line of a terminal window on Linux. The grid is set up as a number of variables (i.e. A1,...
  5. address out of bounds in sockets program


    I'm working on a relatively simple program that is to allow two linux boxes to connect and send messages back and forth which will be processed at each end and made to play a
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