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  1. Not getting the actual output while displaying hex numbers in decimal format

    I need to display 0-15 hex numbers[0X00-0x0F] in decimal value...& I'm getting the output but it's not exactly what it should be,below is my code..
    [This not the complete code,but main part where...
  2. I'm using Keil IDE...Maximum 16 bits,and i mean...

    I'm using Keil IDE...Maximum 16 bits,and i mean to say 0 to 15 binary dig[0000-1111]..
  3. Other then uint8_t what is the other alternative we can use in c compller

    I need to assign the port pins to 0 to 15 binary bits,as i'm using c compiler it's not compiling the following code,even though i have added the stdint.h header file,so is any other way i can compile...
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