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    Understanding the Code

    I saw the code

    typedef signed int SFRAC16;
    #define Q15(Float_Value) \
    ((Float_Value < 0.0) ? (SFRAC16)(32768 * (Float_Value) - 0.5) \
    : (SFRAC16)(32767 * (Float_Value) +...
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    New Kind of Typedef

    I have seen this type declaration. Can someone explain me this

    typedef unsigned int uint16;
    typedef uint16 Buf[32][8];
    Buf buf1;

    I slightly modified the variable names....
  3. Transmit Data using Motorola and Intel Format

    I am facing serious problem of understanding and confusion of Motorola and Intel formats. My requirement is I have to transmit 8 bytes of data using CAN communications it is serial communication....
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    Definite Address locations

    I do most of the time micro controller programming and i find source codes or the header file given by the manufacturer in this manner for example

    #define Mod (*(volatile struct Mod_tag *)...
  5. Missing basics of signed and unsigned numbers

    If i write a program like this

    int main(int argc, char const *argv[])
    unsigned char value=200;
    printf ("%d",(signed char)value);
    return 0;
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    Bit confused with this logic

    I have seen several places like this

    int main(int argc, char *argv)
    char value=12;
    int *ptr = (int *)(&value);

    Complicated statements like structure in place of int means what?...
  7. It is embedded c so it should be in continuous...

    It is embedded c so it should be in continuous while(1). But major doubt is should a basic scheduler must always be implemented and run all my functionality in the tasks? I cannot run my...
  8. I am not saying anything in terms of thermal, but...

    I am not saying anything in terms of thermal, but the way software code is distributed.
  9. Uniform distribution of processor load

    This is basically an embedded C. Is there anything called processor loading where your c program for example 100ms tasks etc will some time load heavily that your processor resets?
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    I think i have not explained properly. What i...

    I think i have not explained properly. What i want to convey is before running Task2, the Task1 may require some time to perform its closing activities before it is abruptly stopped and the other...
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    Exchange data between tasks

    I have this doubt, i am using freertos to create tasks. There is always one task which is active. It will trigger other tasks based on the external serial data uart. Say i received data as 1 and run...
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    Yes i can ask him but it right now i have to only...

    Yes i can ask him but it right now i have to only say Yes or No and it will be a while before i interact with him. Meanwhile i am trying if i can get the answer. One description i find is "Each...
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    Requirement from custtomer

    There is a requirement from my customer saying Continuous Integration should be possible. And it should be possible to build old versions. Currently i am using IDE for building. Is he referring to...
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