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    New MMORPG

    I am writing this in hopes that I will be able to find some people who have a strong interest in creating an MMORPG with a very similar style of gameplay/combat/loot/ as well as class, spell, and genre of the D&D style which EQ was originally designed to fit in. I am looking for people who are dedicated and hopefully some knowledge as to how we can get the ball rolling. I see time and time again that most of the modern MMORPGS out there are just all about the graphics and it is very depressing. I am not overly concerned about having graphics to the quality of Vanguard. I just want to make a professional MMORPG which allows the players to capture the feeling of classic everquest when it first came out. I have a plethora of innovative plans for the entire game and would really like to talk to people and tell them more about how awesome this project will be when it is done. It will be revolutionary.

    I know nobody is going to want to do any coding/website stuff if I don't do a fair portion of work as well which is obvious. I want to let you know what I see myself doing to work on the project. I am an artist. I would design basically everything that is needed that an artist would do. Not only would I like to design the character models and the world itself, but also I would like to work on the quests and all of the text that the NPCs would say. I am in the process now of drawing sketches of the characters, world, the villages that the races will start in. I would also like to design dungeons, but obviously if you are going to join up and we are going to make a team it is going to be just that... a TEAM!

    I have experienced almost every popular MMORPG and have played in great depth WoW and EQ and reached end game content as well as have read numerous D&D style books and have a very strong understanding of how a D&D style chainmail and sword, wizard and warrior EQish style game should be made. I obviously have a lot of experience with video games so I know what "works" Hopefully I will meet some enthusiastic people with this message

    If you are interested in this message or just want to leave me some advice or maybe point me to a place where I could find some people who are interested in developing a new SERIOUS MMORPG that would be great.

    I can be reached at

    I look forward to talking to some cool people!

    I have been reading a lot about all of the tools that we would be using and I think OGRE is the best bet. It's free, its apparently the best. I am very serious about the project and hopefully I can find some people who want to take the risk of making this awesome game and make it truly a revolutionary game. If you are at all interested let me just tell you. I have seen it all I have played from start to finish... But I am an artist. I don't know "C anything" so I can't turn my ideas into reality. Right now I am looking for some mature people who understand what I am saying and who envision something awesome like I do and want to make it reality.

    If you are at all interested in what I just talked about, just pm me back and we can have a further discussion about what sort of aspects YOU would want to see in the game. I am very serious about this project. Later today I will sit down some more and do some more drawings of parts of the world that I feel should be a part of the game. So far I have finished the elven stronghold concept art as well as the halfling village concept art

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