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    Coder needed!

    I'd like to draw the attention of all the forum users. A team of developers and
    3D designers is gathering tp create a new MMORPG game. However, we have
    reached the conclusion that our team of devs is to limited for us to work
    properly on the project. Therefore, we are welcoming anyone with programming experience
    to join us in the making of this game.

    All we ask for is knowledge of:
    1.- TCP/IP connections
    2.- Socket optimization
    3.- Client and interface programming

    Two years of coding experience, preferably.

    If you would like to join the team, please send me a PM with the following:

    Place of residence
    Programming experience

    Once we recieve your PM, we will contact you for further interviews.

    Thank you for taking the time to read.

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    Moved to Projects and Recruitment board.

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    Whats the hourly rate for a snr dev / technical lead?
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    it's illegal in most countries to ask for someone's age on a job application.

    and by most countries I mean my country....

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    It's illegal in the USA as well. They get the same info by asking your birthdate but it is illegal to just outright ask for age.

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    The OP posted from a US ISP - take appropriate caution.
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    Lol I wouldn't worry too much. Its probably just another kid who wants to make an MMORPG trying to come across as pr0.

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    jOy AnOtHeR MmOrPg PrOjEcT tO WaStE mY tImE pRoGrAmMiNg.

    Or I could just keep writing neural network stuff. hmmm, tough decision there.

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