I am in need of couple new programmers. I have gone through many programmers that I have paid for per job basis. But found that to be a little bit of a pain to get them to make any updates or have great upkeep in helping me keep a nice steady program.

So, I am offer a incentive partnership where I will pay whoever I pick as a programmer a peice of what I am making off program that has been created. Programs I need done sell anywhere from $100 - $3,000 a lisence. Depending on what software is that is. I am looking to expand my company with more software in more categories like...

SEO tools
Adwords Tool
MySpace tools
FaceBook Tools
Plus more along the road.

Right now I have a team put togather to complete tasks I need but onlypay them hourly wage. I am offering you a chance to make thousands and thousands of dollars each and every month,week, or even day.

I am a marketer at heart and know exactly what to do as far as marketing goes. Each product of mine I have released has sold over 400+ copies to happy customers. I have mailing list and partners on board to promote whatever me and my company puts out. I can provide proof via VIDEO showing i am not full of it. and whatever other proof you will need just ask

I have some programs that i currently took off the market that can use a little update and re design that I will even offer partnership on in sharing the revenue with if complete, These products should not take long at all to do what is needed.

I need great experence programmers that are experienced in the top stable running program language out there. Your bid is not for count. Bid is simply a bid that you are bidding wanting to help take on this opurtunity.

Anyone who i do pick I will give a advance payout to get them started in help them out on first program for down fall in begin of marketing. To avoid getting scam this advance is for when first product goes into beta stage to show you are actually working on it and not taking money and leaving.

Please PM if you have any questions regarding this.

Thank You,