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    like grub or lilo

    i would like help to start programming charger for any os like grub or lilo ...

    some people said me starting with assembly code !!!!

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    You probably won't write a "loader" without using assembler - a large portion will be C, but you'll be unable to write ALL the code in C, since for one thing, you will be forced to write the MBR code in a 512 byte block which runs in real-mode, and unless you are really determined that you should run ALL of the code in real-mode, you'll have to write a bit of code to take you from real to protected mode.

    The MBR code will most likely have to be written in real-mode and has to fit in 512 bytes, including any data you need.

    Note also that writing a loader is not easy - it relies on understanding A LOT about how the system architecture works, BIOS calls, hardware access, and such things. If you are not familiar with many of those concepts, make sure you plan on plenty of time to figure it out.

    Note on the English language: A charger is something you connect to your phone or digital camera to "fill up" the batteries. It may also be a large horse used in ancient times in wars. It is not a loader, hence "lilo" is not called "lich", but "lilo" [LInux LOader].

    A loader is someone or something that transfers a load (e.g. someone working at an airport loading bags or goods on planes, or in a harbour loading boats), or in computer terms, a piece of code that loads up the initial OS portions to get the OS into memory.

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    loaders, in software terms, also load shared libraries, plugins and, naturally, loadable kernel modules.
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    Just thought I should state it clearly: GRUB and LILO are boot loaders, not operating systems (OSes).

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