I am looking for developers for Visual C++ that can help
me with a project. I will split revenue with anybody that
has credentials. I have already started the program with
MS Visual Studio 2008 Express (Orcas) so you may have to update
your software for free at the microsft VS website.
The project is in its bare bones state. No implementations
have been made yet. The program will have the following

- Search ED2K, Gnutella, Gnutella2, fasttrack, and torrents (simultaneously)
- Download torrents
- Download files
- Built in Virus scanner
- Firewall access
- Burn CD/DVD's (Built-in)
- Extract archives (Built-in)
- Repair damaged archives (Built-in)
- Built-in Media player (play video, and audio, mp3's)
- Chat with others (with the same client)
- Chat with ED2K users
- Configuration Panel
- Clear History

The interface has already been setup but it needs a lot of wiring work
done. I am hoping to credit a complete development team of about at least
5 programmers to get the job done.

please email me at: diamondgate1@gmail.com if interested.