Thread: someone like to help me for free?

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    someone like to help me for free?

    I am currently learning C++. I am not going to ask you to write an entry program for me, just general talking and questions about C++.

    If someone would willing to help me please write a pm with your contact info (some messenger such as icq, msn, jabber or w/e).

    Perhaps we can do a project together later, but this is very second. I am also interested in Open Source.

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    Why not ask questions on the forum. You'll probably get more answers. Someone you are talking to may well suggest something "not so good", but without more eyes on the suggestion, you won't be able to tell, since you don't know enough. There are some people on this forum that are quite skilled in spotting "things being wrong".

    Compilers can produce warnings - make the compiler programmers happy: Use them!
    Please don't PM me for help - and no, I don't do help over instant messengers.

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