I'm the founder and owner of http://www.QooLApps.com. I'm looking for a new partner to help complete and maintain a set of mobile apps.

We are already selling the apps for the Moto Q and nearly ready to sell them for the Treo. I need a person who can help me finish these apps for multiple phones and then maintain them, enhance them and fix bugs. I would also be interested in developing new applications with you.

The person needs to have strong C/C++ skills and experience working with Windows Mobile devices. Knowledge of C#, Visual Studio, and .NET Compact Framework is also required.

I would expect the time commitment to be approximately:

Finish existing applications: 1-2 weeks
Maintainence and Enhancements: A few hours per week, or more if we decide we want to add significant enhancements or create new applications.

Please contact me if you are interested.