Professional, Licensed & Approved Nintendo Programmer for hire

I am currently between projects; I recently finished two Nintendo DS games as an independent games contractor this past year, and will begin a series of Nintendo Wii games commencing January. Until then, I am available for contract work – fulltime – part-time or as a consultant. I am licensed and approved for all Nintendo platforms. I work with the official Nintendo developer tools, dev-kits, software and SDKs. I currently focus on Nintendo DS – no longer GBA. I do Nintendo Wii work also, but my schedule mostly allows DS work until January. If you need a programmer / producer on Nintendo DS or have a game you feel might fit the Nintendo platform as a port etc. I can do the code, and all the approvals to get your product onto the DS platform or any other Nintendo platform.

- I do not work as a volunteer; don't bother. Nor do I work for credits, royalties, or experience
- I accept only paid offers -- hourly rate, retainer or project fee
- Licensed for all Nintendo platforms, but also approved and licensed for XBLA, XBOX 360 and Sony PSP
- Most languages OK: C, C++, ARM7 ASM, ARM9 ASM, scripting using Vicious Engine and also the new Torque for Wii
- I also do some work on PC & MAC, mostly casual games, but financially it’s rarely worth it. But feel free to ask. Forget about mobile games and I have no interest in doing games for Apple ipod and iphone.

Only serious inquiries – email only for starters – send full contact details, project description, what you need etc. and I will call you to discuss my interest. In return I can provide resume, portfolio, references and official certification documents.

I can be reached at : (PMs will not be checked)