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    My name is Daniel Petrisor, and I am a recruiter in the IT field.

    I was wondering if Anybody can reffer me to a Senior C programmer who is looking for a position that entails hardcore C programming for realtime applications. the position pays 90K+ and it requires C experience 8+ years with very recent or current C Programming and Oracle 10G. THERE ARE 2 POSITIONS.

    If anybody is intrested or can reffer me someone you can contact me at :

    Daniel Petrisor
    416 366 2600 x 239

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    The Positions Are In Gta

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    You should have posted this in the Projects and Job Recruitment forum. But don't worry about it now, a moderator will move it.

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    I do C++ but I probably could manage C. I know how it differs from C++. I would be willing to work for little money - I just like to program.

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    GTA you say? and a fellow 416'er! .
    Although I do not have 8+ years experience, and am still in University, I do like hardcore C programming and will also ask around for you at Ryerson. Out of curiousity, what company are you recruiting for? where is it located? and do you have any requests for part-time applicants?

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    If you're interested, contact them directly using their contact details.

    Being an advert, it was most likely posted in many places and the recruiter has better things to do than poll many message boards of chatter.
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