Thread: Ensemble seeks music composed by computer programs

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    Ensemble seeks music composed by computer programs

    Ensemble 176 is a new-music group dedicated to the performance of music composed by computer programs.

    We are currently seeking pieces to perform on our first public concert, which will take place in New York in the late summer or early autumn.


    -a program must be able to compose a potentially limitless number of unique musical compositions.

    -a program must generate every element of the composition (pitches, durations, articulations, dynamics, etc.). However, program output can be in any format and be translated into standard musical notation by a person.

    -music must be performable by violin and/or clarinet (B-flat or Bass).

    Please visit our website for more information-

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    Get a MOD editor and you might find a peice(s) at , they have k's of tracks.

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    I'm working on some algorithmic music, and I'm going to New York for school next year. Classes start september 4th and I'd love to see this, and will keep trying to make something for this. I've really just started to make the framework to make the music with

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