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    Talking 2D Game project requires extra C++ programmers, new or experienced

    Introduction: Spacecraft is a RPG where the player plays the role of a space crew captain of a chosen faction. Based on the goal of the space military, the leaders and the people of the faction, the captain must carry out day to day tasks to obtain the experience, combat accomplishments, territory control, treasure, currency, equipment, spacecraft and friends required to accomplish the goal of the faction.

    The players can choose to quest alone or with or against others online, the game will contain a variety tasks and quests to keep the average player entertained and busy throughout their experience. This game isn't massively multiplayer; where all players are playing on a server from their PC, but our game runs on the actually PC and players invite others to join in. This method is cheaper and easier to build.

    This game runs on a 2D engine; with 3D graphics.

    As a self marketed game, once complete it will be made available online and we all look forward to impressing our fans and the development community.

    We are currently seeking more programmers for the team

    Team names:

    Electronic Team Games (ETG) with Thunder-Power LTD Software Development

    No pay guaranteed:
    We are offering cash payments based on profits made after a successful release, but not during production. There is no guarantee of pay or commercial success within this project. Don't apply if your purpose here is to earn your primary income or money on the side.

    C++ Programming Required:

    Map Editor:
    Work has already been started on the Map Editor; the map editor will be used to create our game world and will specify what entities will go where and how they behave. Our maps are configured in XML to run on our self made Open GL 2D sprite based game engine, and the the map editor will write the XML to the map files based on the users design of their maps. The map editor is currently one of the key focuses in the team; because we want to produce some test maps for design tweaks and demonstrations. Those who volunteer to help out with the editor may be asked to work on tools within the editor, the in-game user interface and the game environment itself.

    Developing the Game Environment:
    The work on the game environment involves some the most complex programming tasks and requires a good level of experience with programming 2D animated games with C++ and Open GL. Our lead programmers are here to help out with any minor training required to do this task. The full detail of this task cannot be fully listed at this time by me, but it includes physics, game mechanics, spacecraft flight, entity behaviors, layering visual objects, map loading, multi-player aspects and more.

    User Interface:
    A lot of work has gone into the user interface already, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done yet. The player will not only need to fly spacecraft and shoot things, there is a lot of item and character management to be done on their part, and we need to build to tools to allow them to do that. The basic elements of the interface have been started, such as common buttons, input boxes, progress bars and check boxes. More advanced elements that we will need to start building include animated image lists and grids; with draggable items, filter + display order options.

    Sprite Editor
    We need an editor that visually allows the user to create animated sprites for the game. Our engine uses XML script and .PNG image files and we need this editor to act as a tool for managing the images, frames, properties and other elements of each sprite. The sprites will contain different directional and behavioral states.

    Entity Editor
    Our game require entities ranging from particle effects, spacecraft, treasures to weapon projectiles. The entity editor might be added into the map editor if needed, but it's sole purpose is to help visually create the visual entities in the game, associating them with their sprite and their object class. At the moment this has to be done by manual XML script; but we will want to edit and tweak the game entities with automated software assistance via the entity editor.

    New tasks may come up as time goes by.

    View Game Document (Slightly old):



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    Wow, Let me say congrats on getting started. Most others with ideas as this are full of hot air

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    Is this kinda like the EV series?

    If it is, I might be able to help out if it's in the SDL.

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