We are looking for at least one talented programmer to help us finish our mod project. We are working with Valve´s Half-Life 2 engine Source. A huge plus is if you have worked on a mod team before. We are looking for someone that could take this game to a higher level. We dont have an age policy, but our team have a high mid age. The person we need must have the ability to work hard on this assignment. What we give u back is the ability to work with an amazing team of very talented artists.

- Object oriented experience in a language like java, c#, C++, etc. C++ HIGHLY preferred.
- Any experiences in game programming, client/server heirarchies, or GUI development all a big plus.
- Experience with CVS (perforce preferred, but not needed) and/or visual studio (visual studio will be needed to develop, we are working with .net 2003 at the moment)

Read more about the Source engine here: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source
The mod project you will be working on, Age of Chivalry: http://www.age-of-chivalry.com

If you are interested in the position, apply at: jobs@age-of-chivalry.com or use the form on our webpage, found under 'Contact'.

Age of Chivalry