Game Play Concepts

The Combat is fast pace fist combat, done in an open ended Environment. The Combat works some what similar to Zelda with Fist based combat, and energy attacks (relating things such as Chi, Ki, or psi).

We are hoping for 35 hours of solid game play, and plan on programming some of our own tools for development.

We are Looking to hire. Look below for more details


Syphen is a young boy at the age of 14 who is at an Orphanage. It is there when his friend Marek teaches him how to fight, and how to use energy attacks, and he has many other friends at the Orphanage. Marek was always a very depressed boy, but puts all his time and energy into caring for his Girlfriend, Serenity. One day, Serenity falls very ill and dies. In extreme Depression, Marek then takes his own life with a dagger.
And when he dies, his soul descends into hell, where dark spirits tell him they can bring him back to life if he could lead all the souls of the nations into hell. To do this he can gave him seductive 6 women named B.E.A.U.T.Y.—in which put the world under a state of awe by their looks and glamor, and allows for Marek to do anything he wants.
Mean while, Syphen’s girlfriend wishes for him to take her into the parade in the Capital City for the new leader of the nations. When they get there, Syphen and his girlfriend then see the new leader and B.E.A.U.T.Y. Many people are overly impressed with them and then leadership. The New leader gives a short speech about how he will deliver them poverty and create a world of peace. Syphen is totally unimpressed with this, and he feels a horrible evil coming from B.E.A.U.T.Y, and so he decides to investigate them.

Syphen decides to sneak into the Castle, he inches his way in, to over hear a the New leader talking to B.E.A.U.T.Y. And he hears them referring to him as “Marek”. At the time, Syphen nods it off, and think that’s just a coincidence. They go into further conversation about leading the world into burning hell fire, where the souls of humanity would be trapped forever. He also discovers that B.E.A.U.T.Y. is actually women from hell. They were demons in a human disguise.
Each one of the 6 members of B.E.A.U.T.Y. where sent to 6 different cities in the nation, to persuade everyone to follow them. Once they have converted people to believe in them, they can open gate to hell. Each of member has different elemental strengths. Syphen then must crawl his way into each different castle and learn a new technique in each castle. Defeat the boss, and go move on to the next Castle.

Once all 6 are defeated, Syphen will then go back to the main castle in the Capital city. Marek tells more story about his plans of domination to Syphen, but refuses to let him live to tell about it. They fight, and in a struggle, Syphen finally gets a weakened Area of Marek to attack. However, he struggles to kill his Childhood best friend, until he sees a flash back of the original Marek when he was young, and the Serenity. They both tell him to kill the new shell of Marek for the greater good, and Syphen Attacks him, Destroy Marek, and freeing the mental sway from people.


Current Jobs filled:

- Developer: Chaos Studios
- Publisher: Chaos Studios
- Director: Marc
- Lead Game Designer: Ryan
- Assistant Designer: Marc
- Cut Scene/Movie Sequence Director: Ryan
- Story Writer – Ryan Johnson
- Dialogue Scripter – Ryan
- Lead Programmer – Marc

Jobs that Need to be filled:
- Graphical Programmers(3 or 4) –
- Game Mechanics Programmers(3 or 4) –
- Composers
- Lead Artist –
- 3d modelers –
- Texture Mappers –

Ryan's contacts
AIM: burningchaos67

I am Marc, you can contact me at:
AIM: MarcDobek01