First you should know: I'm willing to pay $.

I've been studying C - mostly from Sam's Teach Yourself C for Linux Programming in 21 Days(years ?) for a couple of years now. I'm starting to get it- for the most part.

Still code from things like crypto algorithms mostly baffles me, as do trying to interpret the C libraries,
how to "realy" use a debugger, more stuff about the gcc compiler, etc.

I've come up with some of my own code for doing fun things like enciphering plaintext to a symmetric one-time-pad type key, a three place transposition (Ceasar) cipher, some code that
almost identifies prime numbers.

I also would eventually like to write device drivers and do some embedded Linux coding.
It would also be fun and educational to participate in some coding projects.

I truly enjoy C programming and the whole concept of Linux and Open Source software development.

A mentor would be good to get me to the next level of coding and possibly into the realm of
employability. I'm self motivated so the job wouldn't be too difficult I'm sure.

If interested PM me.