Thread: 2D RPG Online Game Project. 30% Complete. To be released and marketed.

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    2D RPG Online Game Project. 30% Complete. To be released and marketed.

    Team name:
    Electronic Team Games (ET Games)
    Affiliated to Thunder-Power LTD Software Development

    Project name:

    I am writing this post to request for any c++ game programmers who are looking for a worthwhile game to work on, to consider the Spacecrafts project that we are running.

    There is no immediate pay involved. Any profits earned will be distributed according to the value of content produced.


    Q: What is the Spacecrafts project?
    A: The Spacecrafts project is a PC based online RPG game based in the future; being developed by online developers within ETGames and Thunder Power LTD

    Q: What is so special about this project?
    A: There are many RPG games, online RPG games and the numbers of MMORPG games are growing. The Spacecrafts game is a special prototype of what we plan to develop as a commercial game title in the future; perhaps a MMORPG. For now; as a prototype; it will be an excellent downloadable game with online features (not massively multi-player) that will be appreciated by free/budget gamers; who are of a large community.

    Q: How have we planned to make such a game? And how far have we got?
    A: You can see how we have planned the game by taking some time to read our current game document:

    Password: sc2006
    Printing and Copying is protected and prohibited (Excuse the copyright watermarks, dedicated members receive a fresh unprotected copy)

    At this stage in development; we are currently working on the player controls; game document revisions, live game visuals, sounds and game interface. Network code, game engine code and general program design is 75% complete.

    Q: I don ' t understand the game document, or about what the game is about?
    A: If you are a programmer wanting to join you will need to be able to interpret such information, and will struggle to fit in if you do not understand the program design displayed in the document.; this wouldn't be your ideal project.

    Q: Why is the game document unfinished?
    A: I am having to revise the document on a frequent basis; removing and re-adding sections as time goes by due to testing and programming issues. It is a part of my job. Some minor areas of the game have not been designed yet; simply because I have not got round to it.

    Q: Cool, I am a game programmer; how do I know I am not wasting my time with another dead end project? Is my time spent on Spacecrafts going to be worth while ?
    A: A dead end project consists of unwilling, uncertain, untalented, lazy, unfriendly, non-producing members. A game is only a game when complete and playable, without the game program programmed; there is no game, without visuals/sounds; there is no game. Without members producing the game; there is no game produced. The best way to reverse such a scenario thus avoiding a dead end project, is to filter out the lazy, untalented, uncertain and disrespectful people from working in the team and from joining in the first place.

    We do have 4 dedicated members including my self who have been around since the beginning (2005) planning and preparing the project, we also have 3 new members working on graphics and sound. We also have part timers working on minor free time duties.

    With one or two new programmers, we should be able to complete this game early next year. At least 10 hours of free time for the project is required each week (I work 15-25 hours per week on this while working full time in employment, although earlier this year I was working part time on the project due to obligations).

    With that said, if you are busy studying, obligated or usually out having a good old party/drink, or playing games; carry on, please avoid this project because you WILL be too busy.

    I used to play a lot of games, but I'd rather make them, while everyone else plays them. I want to earn a good asset, get a game to my name (Ours) and not just a good score on Counter Strike, or a level 60 in WOW.

    Q: Ok, I'll think about it. I'm busy, or even working on another game project...
    A: Watch this space.

    Q: Lets get started, I want to join, tell me some more?
    A: The job requirements are listed below

    More info on the game itself:
    Introduction on Spacecrafts and how it will be played.

    Genre: RPG / with multiplayer online feature
    Game Angle: Top View
    Graphics: 3D Rendered

    The name of our game represents to most frequently used object in the game; the Spacecrafts. The game is set in the future, around the year 2100, where people have to vacate outer space due to the bad conditions on the earth, because of war and destruction. After decades since to invention of the spacecraft and space based cities, the galaxy becomes populated with humans exploring the new world of living. After due time, the United Nations become more and more divided due to the differences, desires and beliefs of other groups. Wars between different factions are established; weapons and spacecrafts are built to be used to take control over the galaxy. The stronger factions take control over the galaxy while the weaker factions are forced to travel elsewhere, only to find other races and creatures out there, with better technology.

    The player must choose a faction and establish a character and space crew to carry out space missions and wars against other factions. By gaining experience, earning money, finding treasures, trading and teaming with others, the player can complete all necessary wars and missions in order to defeat their enemy faction and complete the game. Players earn awards and rankings online as they progress through the game.

    Players can also fight wars against each other in Player vs Player wars, in diverse maps and locations with neutral CPU armies. By winning wars, each player can earn experience and online rankings to compete for a final war against another high leveled player at experience level 50.

    Basic Battle System Overview:

    Variable: Number
    Attacker: Variables: Level, Attack, Defense, Weapon Damage,
    Defender: Variables: Level, Attack, Defense, Hit Points

    Attacker shoots defender: Number = Attacker Attack / Defender Defense.
    Remove Number * Attacker Weapon Damage from Defender Hit Points

    Other variables are applied and discussed in the game document.

    As with native RPG games, the Level represents the experience power level of the unit; in Spacecrafts, the concept is the same, however Attack and Defense is used to determine unit strength along with other variables. Attack and Defense is determined by the Level as a base plus the other modifiers (Crew Member skills, Force Fields special devices etc)

    Players must improve their skills by managing their space crew, devices and weapons to succeed in combat.

    Target aim:
    The game is a prototype of the real thing, which we will make if we manage to gather enough resources, but we will market it as it is when completed.
    The game will be marketed for retro gamers, lunch break gamers and people without access to expensive gaming hardware. Being an online game, we hope that it will be both fun to play and popular within the retro and budget game community.

    We do no want to compete with commercial 3D games, as we do not have the assets to produce a fully 3D game capable of succeeding in that market. We are choosing to compete within the downloadable budget game market, and will be carrying out necessary advertising schemes to reveal the game itself.

    C ++ language, PNG format images. Music and sound exported to OGG.

    Talent needed:
    Programmers, Artists, 3D modelers, Animators and Sound Designers are required. We prefer to keep the team relatively small so that we can work more unified without conflicting with too many ideas and styles. A person who can carry out various roles would be an ideal member for the team.

    Programming is not my most skilled area, but I have tried my best to provide as much information as I can about what is required from you. For a more accurate description of the tasks required, please contact me to put you through to a Thunder-Power LTD programmer, who is responsible for the game framework, engine and code done so far.

    <LI>Programming Requirements</LI>
    <LI>The game engine, network code and software framework are areas already covered by our existing programmers. The main areas that we need new programmers for include the game mechanics, logic, interface and editors. In general we are seeking 2 programmers to concentrate on the game code and one to concentrate on creating editors and working with the interface.</LI>

    <LI>Game Programmers: We are in a desperate need of a dedicated c plus plus programmer and an assistant. The dedicated programmer should have the time available to work for at least 10 hours or so each week, and will need to work on the game while providing instructions for his assistant. Duties include programming game logic, physics and interpreting the program design into the final game.

    The game engine, network and framework is already taken care of by other members, although you will need to communicate on a regular basis to combine each code element to complete the game.</LI>

    Review the game document:
    Password: sc2006


    Current Team structure:
    Chris Tate (Me): Game Designer: 1 Year
    Itamar Reiner: Concept Artist: 8 Months
    Mokhtar Khorshid: Programmer: 1 Year
    Michael Saad: Programmer: 1 Year
    Mahmoud Kasdi: 3D Modeler: 1 Year
    Sebastion Chow: Character Designer: 1 Month
    Scott Snell: Writer: 8 Months
    Dan R: Musician: 1 Week
    Hayden: 3D Modeler: 1 Week
    Justin Blau: 3D Modeler: 1 Week


    Chris Tate:
    I prefer to be emailed.

    Happy days....
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    believe me this is kinda hard to do

    i wanna ask some questions

    How are going to program 3D with C++ ?? DirectX or openGL ?? is it browser-built-in or downloadable game ?? what online provider will you use ?? GameSpy ?? or ??
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    Nearing the end of finishing my 2D card game! I have to work on its 'manifesto' though <_<

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