I was recently pointed to a website that is completely focussed on people buying code.
There is a constant incoming flow of requests for code, with payment for same there.

The process is a reverse blind auction, where the person needing the code says they will pay up to x amount, and those who want to bid to get the contract can bid any amount up to that limit. No one but the "Buyer" and the "Coder" making the bid, can see the bids.

This site offers everyone an opportunity to build several skills:
coding, since that is what people are paying for
negotiating, since each project is a contract, with terms and conditions and a due date.
communication, since you have to get and give information to the other party while working for them.

The site does take a small fee for the service of middling the deals. They get the payment from the buyer as soon as the contract is awarded, then they pay the coder after the code is accepted.
[ they pay on the 15th on the month ] They also will arbitrate disputes between Buyer and Coder.

Thie site I'm talking about is:

Rent A Coder

Membership is free, the only costs are for successfully making money. $3.00 US or 5%, whichever is more per contract.
nope, I'm not getting anything from them for posting this, I looked at it and saw where the site can be a benefit to a lot of the members here.


*Posted with Permission from Kermi3*