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    TM Floyd & Company is currently seeking multiple C/Unix Programmer/Analyst for contracts in Camp Hill, PA, KS, TN, AL, WI, OR, MI, ID . This position will involve hardcore application development in a C/Unix/Oracle or SQL environment.

    Eligible candidates must be able to:
    *Design, code, test, implement and validate business, and technical information technology related programs and applications using the SDLC methodology
    *Identify, analyze, and devise solutions to business and technical information technology problems
    *Interact with customers regarding business and technical information technology needs
    *Participate in implementations, upgrades, and conversion projects
    *Participate on empowered, virtual teams
    *Manage projects within scope of responsibility
    *Work flexible hours

    Position Required Skills:
    1-2 years of experience with C/Unix batch cycle processing and programming
    1-2 years of experience with SQL, Embedded SQL and query tools in an ORACLE environment
    1-2 years of experience with UNIX and UNIX scripting
    1-2 years of experience in application development in an RDBMS ORACLE environment
    1-2 years of MMIS, Medicaid, Medicare, or Healthcare Insurance industry application programming
    Excellent written and oral communication skills
    Ability to interact and function individually and in team environment
    Independent problem solving skills are essential

    Position Preferred Skills:
    Previous cycle duty experience

    Please email or email

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    Yelling at us about it won't bring more peeps.

    And why don't you just tell us what we don't need to know since that list would be smaller than yours. HR muppets.....sheesh.

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    ...why is it its always the ones with 1 post ask for programmers....and is everyone forgetting about

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    Post is too long. Also say whether you'd like applicants to be on the same continent and/or country.
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