Thread: Astusdrea -- space-based MMORPG project

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    Astusdrea -- space-based MMORPG project

    Team name:
    Frozen Flame Entertainment

    Project name:
    Astusdrea (ahst-uhs-dree-uh)

    Brief description:
    This game is going to be a 3d MMORPG with flightsim and toggleable 1st/3rd person shooter aspects. It is going to be based in a region of space, in the future, named 'Astusdrea' which will contain many galaxies and planets. The player will be able to play in space (flightsim mode) or land on planets and play there as well (1st/3rd person shooter mode). Both aspects will be equally detailed and interactive. [[Please see site for additional details...]]

    Target aim:
    Successfully create this game and publish it.

    At the moment, due to lack in funds, we cannot pay immediately. However, if the project is successful, you will be paid for what you put into it. ((contact me if you are interested in additional details)).

    C++ is the main language we will be using, however it is up to the programmers whether or not they want to incorporate other languages as well -- we might incorporate Python depending on if we really need it or not. We will be using the G3D C++ Library. For 3d artwork, we will probably be using heavily, if not solely, 3ds Max.

    Talent needed:
    Programmers that are proficient in C++ and possibly other languages (main focus is on C++), need to have at least some knowledge of networking.

    Official Site (still being worked on, but mostly up):

    IRC Channel: #frozenflame on the FreeNode network (

    Additional Info:
    We want an intricate political and economic system for this game as well-- our aim is to make the game mostly player controlled, in order to simulate a real-life situation (obviously that would be based in the future).

    Another thing that we are looking to achieve with this is a highly interactive environment that reacts to the actions of the player realistically.

    Thank you,
    Ryan B.
    Founder: Frozen Flame Entertainment
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    I'm going around announcing this to everywhere I had previously posted concerning this:

    We have setup new forums that are hosted on the same machine as the site, which has underwent many changes since I posted last. So, if you are interested in signing up for our forums, or re-registering, they can be found here: .

    Thank you,
    -Frozen Flame Entertainment

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