Thread: "MMORPG" Dev. Recruitment Drive.

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    "MMORPG" Dev. Recruitment Drive.

    Ok, We have decided to make this offical, Some Friends and i, have started piecing together a detailed plan for a Great "MMORPG".
    (If we decide to sell the game, the first twenty regitserd at the forums, and the devs Will have fee's cut, IF WE DECIDE TO SELL, We might even go free and private additions like runescape.)

    This game itself will be coded using 3d Gamestudio's CScript Language, We have The Commercial Edition Payed For And Are Ready To Gte Cracking;
    We Will Need Developers That Have An Understanding Of:

    C++ Server and Client Programming(Packet Sending Eg...)
    3D Gamestudio Mappers
    Map Designers(Best To Be A Good Artist)
    And Basic Storyline Concepts
    __________________________________________________ _______
    The Forums Are Located At:
    Soon To Be:
    We Would Like All To Join/Register And Post Suggestions And Or Develop The Gamne Along Side Us!
    As We have not decided on a name we would like all suggestions, as for now let the developers read!

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    This belongs on the projects/recruitment board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bakes
    (If we decide to sell the game, the first twenty regitserd at the forums, and the devs Will have fee's cut,
    If you decide to sell I would think the devs should get payed.

    I think you should work out these finer points first. If this starts out as a free project and you later decide to go comerical, you can't sell work that has been contributed for free. If this starts out as comercial then why would any programmer contribute their time for free?

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    Well, I've heard a crap load (and I mean a crap load...) of these types of job requests. I've noticed that they don't usually "take off" in a development sense. You should talk about what kind of MMO it is, and how it is set apart from the (billions...) others. The key is profesionalism, and showing that you know what your doing. By the look of your post, it's not very profesional, and makes you look like a bunch of kids (which you might be...). Try out, they have a great section for these kind of things, and a format to write your requests. GOOD LUCK!

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