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    Volunteer at C# Online.NET

    Help Create a Free, World-wide, Online C# and .NET Reference

    C# Online.NET is soliciting volunteers to help build the World’s best, free, online C# and .NET reference. C# programmers, developers, architects, and technical writers are needed to contribute articles, tutorials, and C# code snippets. Current needs include:

    - C# articles on specialized topics.
    - C# code snippets—specialized code fragment examples.
    - C# tutorials.
    - C#, ADO.NET, and SQL Server articles and tutorials.
    - .NET Exam 70-536 Exam Cram
    - Visual C# articles and tutorials.
    - Visual Studio 2005 articles and tutorials.

    And, we need editors to develop these areas:

    - C# Language Reference
    - .NET Framework Reference

    C# Online.NET is new concept in free, wiki-based, online references for C# and .NET. It offers documentation, tutorials, and C# source code. Offerings will target all C# programmers and developers from beginner to architect.

    Founder Will Wagers adds, “This is your chance to give something back and to help out in the world-wide programming community.”

    To volunteer, contact:

    C# Online.NET
    Web site:

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