Thread: Looking for a pixel/texture artist

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    Looking for a pixel/texture artist

    I'm looking for a pixel/texture artist who can help add onto our collection of 2d art for a game similar to the 2d zelda games. Apparently, we're running short of art so it's hard to continue the game at the moment. There's no pay, but it's mainly just for our interest in gaining some experience. Please email met at if you're interested. Thanks.


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    i can help you make things for games.

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    This is unrelated, but you're never supposed to put your address like this:, otherwise spamming 'bots will pick it up and then you'll get no end of spam.

    Do it like this:
    blah [at]

    Or just display a graphic. Spamming 'bots won't find it then

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    a good place to find graphics help might be the graphics communities, like

    with, on average 2000 people online at any given time there it's one of the largest and most active graphics communities around.
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