Thread: small programming job VC++ Wavs in DirectX8

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    Smile small programming job VC++ Wavs in DirectX8


    Here I offer a little programming job, with payment of course.

    For my framework based on MS Visual C++ 6 and DirectX8, I need a function that loads and plays WAV-files. Easy cakes :-)

    If you are interested, you will get a complete description of the task.

    Who has time and likes to do it?


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    OK, I'm done!
    void playSoundFromFile(const char* fileName)
      PlaySound(fileName, 0, SND_FILENAME | SND_ASYNC);
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    Ok.....where's my money?

    The IDirectMusicLoader9 supports WAV files. This sample uses DirectMusic to play WAVs. If you need to get DirectSound interfaces, get the audio path using:


    Then use this to get the direct sound buffer interface.


    Once you have this you can now add effects to the buffer or do anything you can do with normal DirectSound buffers.

    You may also want to add an audio path class to support multiple audio paths and 3D audio paths.
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