Thread: PC Game project requires c++ programmers

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    PC Game project requires c++ programmers

    We are currently seeking to bring new members to our team of game developers; where we are at the stage of putting together the main pieces of our game.

    This is a project where we all work in our spare time unpaid; however we look forward to seeing the game finished; and experiencing great recognition.

    Team name:

    Project name:

    Brief description:

    This project is a science fiction RPG game set in the future; where the player must build their spacecraft, hire the space crew and progress towards mission completion and online warfare victory. The game will the old fashion top view scroll environment; however using quality 3d rendered / digitally painted sprites and objects. Plus it will include a special particle and environmental effects engine; to enhance the look.

    As a team we are focusing more on the game play and fun making elements of the game more than the look of it; although we do have a set standard for its appearance.

    See more at

    Unpaid voluntary basis:
    After all beta releases are tested via public, a full version will be released for online purchase. Your pay will be determined by how well this full version sells. In general; the main prospect is of expanding the recognition of your talent to potentially hundreds maybe thousands of players and observers of the finished game. Until then; you will also be given a personal webpage on the website for you to use to promote your portfolio or work.

    Target aim:
    Increased team recognition and online digital sales of the game

    C++ - 2D Game with Online play for Windows.

    Talent needed:


    Should be fully competent with c++ OOP and game development; and should be ready to take in and understand the current code already done; which will be introduced to you by the current programmers.

    We are in need of one experienced programmer to take on responsibility as the leading programmer of the game play, as the current team only has personnel involved with the engine and application frame work; who will be concentrating on the program structure rather than the game elements such as game objects and AI.

    Less critical positions include assistant programmers who will help out with translating the game design document objects for the game code and helping around with debugging, testing and GUI setup.

    We look forward to meeting you if you wish to join and prove to be capable of developing this game.

    Team structure:

    2 Programmers
    1 3D artists
    1 Artist
    1 Game Designer


    [email protected]

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    Well heres my rant;

    A BETA Spacecraft Sprite
    You dont use sprites in 3D... Sprites are 2D, Models are 3D.

    I can see why you want an artist, but you need a skinner. In 3D modeling, you cannot go without a skinner. (They are different, artist is freeform, skinner is confined to the models boundaries)

    What graphic library is going to be used? DirectX and OpenGL are the "comercial" biggies, but you could be using anything.

    Your project seems to have no storyline (or atleast you didint mention it).

    On your website, you mispelt modeler. It has only one 'l'.

    Yeah... Thats all :P.
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    You dont use sprites in 3D

    C++ - 2D Game with Online play for Windows.

    From C to shining C++!

    Great graphics, sounds, algorithms, AI, pathfinding, visual effects, cutscenes, etc., etc. do NOT make a good game.
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