Thread: Need programmer,please read,help, please

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    Need programmer,please read,help, please

    Hello, sorry to disturb you all. I am newbie here. I would like to generate two graphs on the same axis at C/C++ platform. The first graph to be generated is an already recorded speech that will be displayed when one button is pressed. The second graph is displayed real-time as speech is spoken into microphone.
    I would like to display these two graphs at same axis where first graph is displayed when a particular button is pressed while the second graph is displayed real-time.
    Hope to hear you soon. Please help, please. thank you very much.


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    Hello Isabella!

    You can try a program called WaveLab. That program can do exactly what you want to achieve. Writing such a program is not so hard for an experienced programmer, but for a "newbie" to understand the code may be quite hard. I wouldn't recommend a "newbie" to start with such a complex project. If you really want it, first learn C or C++, then learn the API for the OS you will run your application in, for example Win32 API on the Windows platform. From there on the code is not so hard to write.
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