Thread: Looking for coder: Simple C++ Client / Server game

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    Looking for coder: Simple C++ Client / Server game

    I need to implement a Network Game which allows two or more players to interact over a local area network.
    The game must have a Client-Server architecture. The server controls the game sequence (such as which player has the next turn), and arbitrates between clients (for example, it keeps the score). The server must therefore support at least two clients concurrently.
    What I need to do is keep it to a simple connect4 or something. Now I have no experience really with client/server c++ network programming, and yesterday I was trying to find example but I just couldnt, google wouldnt help So I'm wondering if you have idea about an example to share it with me or point me to sites where there might be. I've tried planet-source-code, but there is nothing there...
    possible games are:
    1.Simpe guessing games such as hangman
    2.Simple strategy games such as battleships and connect4
    3.Simple multi-player maze games

    and eventually some other, but which is the easier. the point is the network client-server communication. I prefer games of 2 or 3.

    Let me know if anyone is interested and willing to code it for me and how much.


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    Looks like a homework cheat to me, can you prove otherwise?
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