Thread: JOB: C/C++ Developer with problem solving skills

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    JOB: C/C++ Developer with problem solving skills

    Hello from Volt Technical Resources! We have a job open that we would like to share with you. If you are interested or know of anyone who may be interested in this or similiar positions, please send a copy of the resume and cover letter to Lincoln Mettler at [email protected]. Please don't send them to the poster, as I am the E-Recruiter, who is posting this for Lincoln. Lincoln will be the person you need to contact. This way Lincoln will have your resume handy to discuss this position with you and will be able to reply back to you with additional information for you in order to be considered immediately. When you respond to him, could you let him know that you saw this posting on the Projects and Job Recruitment board? Thank you very much!

    Large Redmond based Software Development Company is in need of C/C++ Developers with system level experience to help maintain products that have already been developed. The team evaluates customer errors and comes up with the fix that is sent out to the customers as patches, hot fixes, and updates. This group is responsible for kernel plug and play. They need Developers that have low level development experience. (Kernel, Win32, API). They need candidates with good problem solving and trouble shooting skill since this will be a test environment.
    If you are experienced in the following, please submit your resume for review with our Technical Recruiter working on this position. Since this position is urgent you will be given immediate consideration should your resume reflect the following skills sets needed!:

    * C/C++ development skills
    * System level experience
    * Good problem solving and trouble shooting skill. (Good test aptitude)

    Bonus Skills:

    * Kernel, Win 32 or API experience
    * Automation experience
    * College Degree (The more academic experience the better with this team and they will substitute education for experience).

    Volt offers competitive compensation and benefits, a talented and upbeat staffing team focused on the quality of your career and goals and the solid security of a company trusted by Fortune 500 companies for over 50 years.

    Volt is an Equal Opportunity Employer and dedicated to fostering diversity in the workplace.

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    Finally a real job post here. What exactly does system-level experience mean? Almost all of us here have experience with Win32 API, MFC, C/C++, DirectX and/or OpenGL and/or .NET etc.

    As well I've done a lot of toying around with pure assembly code doing DMA programming, IRQ programming, small bootstraps with small kernel loading and have attempted to make my own 32-bit OS, but again that's not for Win32 kernel but my own kernel design. As for Win32 kernel-level experience probably not many of use here have that since we probably don't have much use for it in what we do.

    But it is nice to see a real job offer with realistic down-to-earth expectations on the board so thank you for posting.

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