Thread: DSP (C6711) based project ideas?

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    DSP (C6711) based project ideas?

    Hey, I've just learnt how to program for the DSK (TMS320C6711), can anybody give me some idea for my final yr project (electronics) .... can i do something on CDMA ?

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    If we knew what you were talking about. If you are talking about DSP's then I can think of about a million things to code using that.

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    Maybe browse TI's app notes for some ideas.
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    Smile TMS320C6711 some projects.

    Zeeshan.. We use TMS320C6711 in our lab.

    One idea I have, is to program some filters for this DSP. FIR & IIR (LP,HP,BandPass,BandStop).. Also you could write a program that will calculate the FFT of a signal.

    My project was to create a MatLab GUI that will connect with the DSP, download a color image, and apply to it Sobel Masks, Histogram Eq, e.t.c. Then it uploads the image and show the desirable result at the GUI. For that connection I used ccs_link. (I suggest RTDX rather than ccs_link - it's much faster)

    Another project would be to make an equalizer (using some other program GUI, or GEL functions) for the DSPs.

    Also you could try to create a DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) Tone Generator.

    And so on...

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