During January 2006 I am planning to update my website to a new and improved version. This update will require several new staff members and therefore I have opened up several positions for staff.

I am looking for dedicated staff who can add content to my website fortnightly. Staff need to be easily accessible through email and/or common instant messaging service(MSN, AIM, YIM). Staff are also encouraged to participate in our community forums.

As a staff member you will be able to add content to the site, participate in staff only discussion and receive feedback for your work.

I need staff in the following areas:
We need Computer Artists who can create high quality skins for Winamp, Trillian and Windows Blinds.

We need Writers to write high quality tutorials, story, news, game guides and reviews for the latest video games.

Programs whom can write tutorials on programming, code game mods and create maps for recently released or classic titles.

Google ads will be placed on the website to generate money for hosting. Once we breakeven with hosting costs there may be the possibility for staff payment but it is not guaranteed.

If you are interest in apply for one or more of these positions or have any questions then please feel free to email me at nexus@nrxdomain.com or just post in the thread if you are intrested. The content doesn’t have to be made new for the site, if you have made previous work thenwe will stick it on the site as long as you can continue creating fresh stuff.