Project Lost Tomorrow Recruiting
We are a group of 4 graphics artists and a musician who are working on a total conversion for the Source-engine. We are working fulltime on this project 8 hours per day and will continue to do so until june 2006 at the minimum. We are located in Sweden and have a very nice office at our disposal, however we gladly welcome help from anywhere in the world as we have a very effective virtual workspace as well.

We are currently producing game content and are now looking for more talented people to join our team. All of the existing members of the team are over 20 years old and have previous moding experience.

Here are some samples of concept art:
Group Picture
Mood Image/Map Concept Art

We are currently looking for:

One or two programmers who can develope the gameplay of the mod in a C++ environment and also implement art and sound artifacts.
We are looking for a reliable and well organised person who has good communication skills and is familiar with C++.
Earlier experience with moding or game programming is an advantage but not necessary.
Experience with the Source SDK is highly valued but not necessary.

Sound Engineer
A person who has the equipment and expertise to create high quality and unique ambient sounds and sound effects.

Graphics Artist
Though this is not a priority, any talented graphics artists who apply will be welcome.

What we offer:
  • A solid and thorough design developed by experienced gamers.
  • A possibility to work with a competent and motivated team with the intention to create something big and popular.
  • Experience that will make it easier for you to get a job in the games industry.

The mod:
The mod is a multiplayer fps in a sci-fi setting. The emphasis of the mod lies in varied playstyles for the different factions and a high degree of immersion. For those who are interested there is an extensive design document available, however we are always open to criticism and new ideas and people on the team will always be able to influence the game design (though naturally, things will be less flexible as time pass).

Anyone who is interested can contact us by E-Mail(, ICQ(166327733), MSN( or AIM(Cy2052).