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    Call Of Duty 2 Mod

    Hello, I'm Gus from

    Its a Gaming Community, the team has desided to make a group to make a Small COD 2 modification.

    The mod is called "Start A War"

    Where you can build your own war via moving around in a spectator view.
    A large flat map where you have a menu to quickly place some objects for cover and place your men and tanks.

    Its a round vs round mod ( note , not an RTS )

    Each team Buys their NPC Units and Cover for the large Flat Map.
    When the buy time is over , both team commanders will Spawn as a normal FPS player * The players can respawn but once their NPC units die off , they loose *

    We are looking for people of an understanding of C ++ , who understand how game engines operate and its structure.

    LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WITH : Co-operation skills and dont require to be paid for the job, We may pay people that have extreme skills in this area.

    Also require the game " Call of Duty 2 " when its released in 2 weeks.

    ( reasons why this mod is able to be created
    1. The Engine is new, they made it completely this time.

    2. There releasing a SDK for COD 2 so this mod is actually able to be made.

    If you want to join the team,
    reply here or post on the ozone11 forums.

    Thankyou for your time and please reply

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    This should be in the projects / recruitment board.
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