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    Bioport Productions looking for Game Dev's

    Company Name: Bioport Productions

    Project Name: Tides of Arkhana

    Details: My partner and myself have only been working on this project for 3 weeks, However, we've been planning it for years. We started a couple years back, upon the release of Ultima Online:Ages of Shadows, we became intrigued by the strong gameplay and quality of this game. From there we decided to make our own shard. Programmed in C# and with the help of a program called RunUO, "Lionsgate" became a hit with an amazing 20,000+ playerbase. With all of the problems we faced, from programming, to networking, to customer service, we overcame them. Many people said it was the 'best' shard they had ever played on.

    On to our current project. Tides of Arkhana will be an MMORPG based in a fantasy world. We've gotten all the programs needed to begin, a well written design document, a milestone list, the education, and a bunch of models and textures done. I will go over briefly some of the features this game that make it unique to all other MMORPG's.

    Player-ran stores: Players will get an opportunity to make their own business. Be it selling weapons, armor, artifacts or reagants they will get to set their own items/prices to make them feel in control. Their stores can be setup in towns from the or at their house.

    Player Housing: Players will get to pick from a premade list of houses or maybe design their own. Areas will be flagged as residential to prevent players from building their house in an undesired place. We're not sure how this will conflict with the network and will be tested alot before we implement it fully.

    Crafting: Some crafts we plan to implement are Blacksmithing, Bowcrafting, Enchanting, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Carpentry, Furnishing, Cartography, and more..

    Education: Basically players will pay to learn new skills needed for crafting and other stuff. Language, Mathematics and Science are some example schools. The idea is still under development..

    PvP: We have decided we are going to make this game as realistic as possible, that being said, players should and will be able to kill other players at their discretion. There will be protection for new players however, high level guards will be placed all over the newbie areas specifically designed for pvp combat. A ladder/reward system will be implemented as well.

    You can find more information on our site, I'm still working on it so bear with me.

    Target Aim: Retail depending on whether or not I make $100,000 to self-publish or if a publisher accepts our proposal letter. If all fails, shareware is our next goal.

    Compensation: All help will get an equal percentage of the final revenue, a contract is available upon request.

    Platform: Windows XP/2000/Linux
    Programming language: C++, DirectX 9, HLSL
    Artist Tools: 3ds max, Adobe Photoshop, DeleD, TerraMaker. All provided by me.

    Talent Needed:
    Programmers: Must be efficient with C++ and the DirectX API

    Modelers: Must know how to make detailed models from concept art.

    Networking: Must know the linux/unix platform along with placing/editting scripts to function properly.

    Any other help is welcome to contact me, even if you don't know the stuff above. I have a bunch of ebooks and tutorials at hand for my mine and my employees reference that could be very useful for learning. If you're willing to learn and have the desire to work on a team, please feel free to contact me.

    Team structure:
    Lead Programmer/Administrator: Jonathan <- Me
    Concept Artist: Alan
    Concept Artist: Ashley
    Structure Modeler: Roderick (modeled for Halo 2 )
    Modeler: Nelson
    Lead Music/Sound effects artist: Nicolas


    AIM: ooochaosooo

    Any feedback regarding the project, website or the post will be appreciated, thanks!

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    sounds cool, I'll email you about it, I've had UO since the first release and have also done some stuff with RunUO.

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