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    Debugging book recommendation

    I'd like to recommend my book, DEBUGGING, for any engineer who wants to avoid schedule-killing hunts for subtle bugs. It's funny, quick to read, and very valuable (but inexpensive). It teaches you how to find out what's wrong with stuff, quick.

    The book is not language or platform-specific -- the techniques are universal. In fact, I use examples and war stories from software and hardware, even medicine and plumbing, just to keep it entertaining. And if you think you know all this, you'll be surprised at what you don't know, or more often, what you forget to use in the heat of battle. DEBUGGING will help you remember.

    DEBUGGING got rave reviews in IEEE Software and Dr. Dobbs Journal, and on Slashdot. It makes a fine addition to any developer's bookshelf, and a great holiday gift for your favorite less-than-perfect engineer.

    Please see the webpage with reviews, excerpts, links to Amazon and B&N, some other debugging resources, war stories, and a humorous, downloadable poster of the 9 debugging rules.

    The site is

    Dave Agans

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    pre-approved by Kermi3

    Forgot to mention that the book recommendation was posted with prior permission from Kermi3.


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