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    Tagen mmorpg

    Team name:
    Ok this is not a company in anyway just a few people making an mmorpg so the team is called Tagen.

    Project name:
    The project is called Tagen mmorpg as you know.

    Brief description:
    We want to make an mmorpg with a range of fighting and crafting skills, crafting materials a few different classes and races and a fun place to play with good graphics.

    Target aim:
    We hope to release a beta version of the game and make it free for the testing and then once we have fixed bugs ect. We will have to make the customers pay a small monthly fee to maintain servers and bigger demand if there is one.

    Unfortunately we cannot pay you for your help because we will not be profiting from the game until we have paying members but once we have paying members and the game is bringing in an income we will be able to pay you an amount to continue helping us improve the game.

    We are hoping for now to make the game for windows and the programming language will be C++ for the graphics we are still not 100% shore and are experimenting with some different tools to find the best. For the sound me and my brother will make the music me playing bass and him guitar but we are not shore about sound FX at this point.

    Talent needed:
    We currently need some 3D modulers and programmers.

    Team structure:
    The team members are me (Shannon Moore or Travis) I play music do web design and develop the game and I write it up we have the programmers Simon, Simon and Dave we also have Simas our 3D moduler but I am also trying my hand at 3D moduling.

    Our official website.

    My email addresses

    Additional Info:
    We should be moving to a .com soon and better web space with 100gb bandwith.

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    Is C++ the only language you are using, or is this only for the graphics, as most good games do use Java and C or C#, but the game engine its self would have to be C++ or Java for windows to understand it better, even Visual Basic for the layout could be implemented

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    Well we will mainly be using C++ but im not shore if we will use any others that is up to programmers.

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    Do you have anything accomplished so far?
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    At the moment mainly just a bit of writing up and concept art but we have started a bit of moduling and are dew to start coding soon.

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