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    Lightbulb 2D Spaceship shooter online - Need 2 keen programmers

    Hi, I am seeking members (preferably European) to start a new game project. The concept may seem simple, but it is quite big since it involves interaction via an online server. There is currently no website as it is very early for that. The game itself will be shareware with the aim of gaining popularity online. So members will receive donations if it is successful. Please join this project if you are financially covered and do not need definite money.

    Game Type: 2D Ariel View Scrolling Space Shooter (Online) with 3D visual style.


    The aim of the game will be to complete solo/team/free4all mission tasks on pre saved mission maps, based on futuristic space ship combat. In solo mode the game will run offline with standard set of missions and the player may submit their scores and achievements on the game website. In teamed online mode, the players can organize rooms for a teamed mission game, same applies to free 4 all mode only there are no teams.


    As a team we will gather ideas to make this small concept addictive and appealing to different audiences by inputting various features found from other games and our own ideas.

    Game Features:

    Customized spaceships, customer weapon set, custom maps as well as pre-created online maps and solo mission maps. Progressive player advancement with power ups, additional skills and experience for added strategic gameplay.

    My Request:

    At the moment I am only seeking members for a leading position in programming, artwork and sound effects. I plan to recruit more at a later stage when a full concept is put together. There isnít multiple frame animation to do in this project as each spaceship will only have one frame. The hardest aspect of this project will probably be the programming particularly with online code.


    Lead Programmer:

    As well as programming the majority of the game, you will need to take the lead by communicating with other programmers, contributing ideas and setting the constraints for the game. You should have a keen interest and will be able to handle online aspects of the game.

    Assistant Programmer:

    To take care of certain areas to support the lead programmer, Perhaps to handle AI or menus etc.

    Contact me here:

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    I have a tile engine in DirectX you might be able to use for this. As for multiplayer you will most certainly want to use DirectPlay or a DirectPlay wrapper class. Not difficult at all.

    Let me know if you are interested and I'll show you what I have so far. I cannot commit to helping in any major way, but I might be able to give you some code to get the thing going.

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