Project Sangheili: The Real World War

On the Master Cheif's way from the covenant docking station that was just blown up to earth, he notices that some covenant ships are going into slip space torwards earth, looking for an easy way home, he accelerates torwards them. He makes it to them, but instead of being pulled into slipspace, he is transfered back in time with Sergeant Johnson to 1944. Laying naked in a trench on the battlefield the Master Cheif and Sergeant Johnson are picked up by a man named Private Smith. He gives them both field packs which contain clothing, and a standard issue pistol. You are now forced to kill the Nazi's in an attempt to find out why you're here, and how to get back to your time and stop the covenant. Does Hitler have anything to do with the covenant, WWII is just the beginning of this great quest, will you accept the challenge?


* M1 Garand - the standard American rifle of the war, in the 1930s it was the first semi-automatic rifle to enter military service. It was an excellent rifle, and in addition to American troops, the Germans used captured Garand rifles, and the Japanese produced a copy of it before the war ended. It remained in service many years after the war, and its post-war sniper rifle variants are still considered top quality, and are widely used by military and police snipers.
* MP43, later renamed Sturmgewehr 44 (assault rifle 44) - the world's first modern assault rifle, it entered service in the German military in 1943, and was an immediate success, clearly a superior weapon, and was given production priority as all front line units sent urgent demands to get it. Initial users were elite units, but most of the production was sent to eastern front units. It looks much like the famous post-war Russian AK-47 assault rifle, which was most likely developed from it.
* Colt M1911 - Still in wide service since 1911, this pistol is one of the best ever produced, and the power of its big 0.45" bullets is second to none.
* Bazooka - this simple rocket-propelled anti-tank weapon was used by American soldiers since 1943. Operated by two man teams, aimer and loader, it could be effectively aimed to a range of less than 100 meters, and could destroy any tank and fortified positions. The Germans copied the Bazooka and used it too.
* Panzerfaust (tank fist) - this very handy German anti-tank weapon, used since 1943, was even simpler than the American Bazooka because of its simple one-shot launch tube, and had a much more powerful warhead, capable of destroying any tank. The range of the 1st model was just 30 meters, but the following models had ranges of 60 and 100 meters, and models with longer ranges were being tested when the war ended. A simple and powerful weapon, it was widely used in the German defensive fighting in the 2nd half of the war, and forced allied tanks to cooperate with the infantry to eliminate this threat before reaching the Panzerfaust's range.

Not just Singleplayer, this will be Multiplayer as well!!

That's right we are going all out with this it will have all new multiplayer and singleplayer experiences spanning from futuristic to classic, and everything inbetween, anyone who participates in this mod will be in the credits. This will be a standalone .exe like Halo CE, it will be free and will not require a cd-key (most likely).

**Anyone looking to help out with programming email Sain at, or, with Project Sangheili in the subject line, thanks again, we can use all the help we can get.