Thread: Askala needing c++ coders

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    Askala needing c++ coders

    Hello all i haven't posted on the boards in ages but anyways, i have just got my MUD up and running but iam in need of a leader coder (c++). This is voluntary work as a hobby but i have massive ideas that will need a good amount of work from someone. This will be an onrunning project and anyone that has did this would be best. There is numerous things i need done but we can discuss that at later times. If you are interested in doing something like this then please contact us at

    MUD: telnet://

    You can look for either Kaisser (Me), Atom or Greko.

    P.S I will be online for a little while tonight so please stop by.

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    Why not post where it should be posted?? namely here

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    Why post it at all its blatent against the rules.

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