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    SWGEmu Server with Dev-C++

    SWGEmu is always on the lookout for accomplished, self-motivated programmers with exceptional skills. Qualified candidates should be capable of taking on significant projects and completing them independently, designing and creating new technology, and working with a small team to build a project around that technology.

    Some of the skills we seek in our programming staff include:

    * Extensive experience with sockets and WinSock

    * Extensive experience with multithreading

    * Ability to engineer robust solutions to hard problems

    * Extremely fluent in C/C++

    * Fanatical about writing optimized, scalable code

    * Experience working on a team

    * Ability to develop clean abstractions and interfaces

    * Proven ability to finish projects

    * A passion for games

    * An ability to work with all types of development staff

    If you feel you meet our exceptional needs, send your resume and code samples in C/C++ that demonstrate your ability to engineer practical solutions to difficult problems. We prefer to see code in such areas as multithreading, sockets, graphics, path finding or other difficult problems. We generally look for at least 2500 lines of code in at least two different subject areas.

    We encourage you to send code that will show your best work, and would suggest avoiding linked-list implementations, matrix transformations, lightweight DirectX "wrappers", and the like, as those samples tend not to give a clear idea of your abilities. If you have collaborated with other programmers on the code, please give us a clear indication regarding which parts you've written. Finally, please do not submit executables, make-files or data files.

    Code samples will be held in the strictest confidence and used solely for the purpose of evaluating your abilities.

    Send your resume and code samples to:
    Thank You and I will be sure to contact you as soon as possible! EST12-24 Hours)

    NOTE: I have one dev which is helping code the server in C++! But he is the only dev member and really needs some help. Im still learning C++ so while we creating the server I will still be learning C++! Please contact me cause we need all the help we can get!

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    Looks like a post for the recruitment boards.
    If I did your homework for you, then you might pass your class without learning how to write a program like this. Then you might graduate and get your degree without learning how to write a program like this. You might become a professional programmer without knowing how to write a program like this. Someday you might work on a project with me without knowing how to write a program like this. Then I would have to do you serious bodily harm. - Jack Klein

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    Well im not trying to advertise my website over this one. Its just that we really need a great team that knows what they are doing. I would hope that this would be a great site to find experienced members since we are coding in C++ and thats what this site is all about. We really need coders, packet decryptors, and mabey some SQL users.

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