Thread: Battleship Game (Win32 EXP Needed)

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    Battleship Game (Win32 EXP Needed)

    I'm looking for someone who is fairly good at Win32 and would want to make a battleship game with me. I've been programming for three years, one year in C++. I picked up Win32 Programming about three months ago, so I'm not great at it. Maybe one or two people needed.

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    You might want to be a little more specific to elicit some more responses. Like, are you going to be using just straight Win32 API, or DirectX, or OpenGL? Also how are you planning to implement the game, 2D like the original real game or maybe some sort of 3D spin? You know, all the details.

    Additionally if you begin your project you could always just post your questions under the applicable boards here to help you along.

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    2D with straight WinAPI
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