Thread: PROJECTLESS C++/VC++ coders, please read this.

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    Post PROJECTLESS C++/VC++ coders, please read this.

    Hi Friends,
    Hi All,

    We '' is looking for C++/VC++ coders to take part in a devlopment process of a free application that do the following jobs.

    keeping a PHP-Nuke powered website updated with fresh data on Bit Torrent files. The app downloads the entire list of Torrents from a PHP file (just a text stream) retrieved via HTTP GET, saves the list somewhere and periodically checks the trackers. At some intervals, it sends a HTTP POST request to the PHP Nuke website providing the retrieved data.

    All coding will be done in C++/VC++.

    intrested folks can contact at :

    p2pmania dev team.

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    How hard is it to scroll down to the Projects and Recuitment Board and post in the right place

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    I agree - moved to P&R forum
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